We've launched a Barcelona based AI Centre

Piccadilly Labs – Piccadilly Group’s R&D arm – is excited to announce the launch of a dedicated Artificial Intelligence Centre based in the heart of Barcelona. The AI Centre will focus on accelerating the development of Piccadilly’s AI platform, 'Neuro'.

The Barcelona base gives Piccadilly Labs an unprecedented level of access to some of the most innovative people and businesses in AI and technology. Continuing to work hand-in-hand with our academic and London-based partners, this centre will place Piccadilly at the forefront of revolutionary change and provide a hub of world-class AI and R&D expertise.
Piccadilly Group’s mission is to place AI at the heart of programme delivery across Financial Services. Over the coming months, we will provide updates and develop products that will play a pivotal role in increasing productivity, accountability and transparency in management – at C-level and across the spectrum of programme and test management.
Piccadilly Group is bridging the gap between data and the actions you need to succeed. The impact is going to be extraordinary.

Sam Gormley